Communicating Internationally / English for Work

was established in 1994 in Australia. First as a translation and interpreting service only. Gradually it expanded to provide English language training to pupils in Germany and from 2001 onwards to provide training in Business English and international communication.

Today we employ the services of a number of highly trained free lance translators and language trainers and pride ourselves in our team work.

The company's director is:

NAATI Accredited Translator and Interpreter

Dr Helena Poehlmann BHSc
NAATI - The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters

Specialising in the translation of medical , scientific and technical Correspondence

Helena spent parts of her life in Germany (Bavaria), Greece (Messinia), Australia (South Australia) and India (Maharshtra), she has family in the USA, Greece, Germany, Australia, with tight business connections to India and Namibia which have existed in excess of 10 years, having lived among Malay, Germans, Chinese, Greeks, Romanians, Estonians, Lithuanians, English, Rhodesians, 7, Iranians and Indians, and having worked with people from Japan, Argentina, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Greece, The Congo, Sierra Leone, Togo, Turkey, China, Egypt, Guinea Bissau and other nations, she has much international experience. She has worked in the following industries: pharmaceutical, insurance, education, hospitality, sales, agricultural, NGOs, engineering, medical and tourism. She started staff training aged 23, and has been teaching since 1991.

Dr Poehlmann is also a practicing physician.

Current projects and clients include „Bäume für Menschen – Trees for the World“, Pelletswärme MB GmbH, ABC International, Deerghayu International, Ayurveda Journal, Volkshochschule (like WEA) and others.



Paraprofessional Translator


Professional Translator


Trainer for English for Business


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